Civil Litigation

Civil litigation is a broad category that includes what most people think lawyers do (outside of the criminal arena): filing or defending lawsuits, taking depositions, appearing in court, and going to trial.

Civil litigation refers to a legal dispute between two or more parties who seek money damages or specific performance. It is an adversarial process, and whether you are plaintiff or defendant, you need an attorney who is willing and able to effectively advocate for your position.

Of course, the vast majority of all cases are won, or lost, or settled long before trial. This means you need an attorney who has:

  • Knowledge of relevant substantive and procedural law
  • Strong advocacy skills (written and oral)
  • The ability to analyze and apply the law and the facts to properly evaluate your case,
  • Strong negotiation skills
  • The necessary experience and skill to make sure that if and when your case is called for trial, the case is as ready as it can be

And you need an attorney who keeps you fully informed.

Mr. Campbell has extensive experience representing both businesses and individuals in a broad range of civil disputes, including payment disputes, performance disputes, contract disputes, and tort claims.